Five Best Computer Backup Products you should Try

Five Best Computer Backup Products you should Try


Computers are an inevitable aspect of generating and saving valuable data. However, as much as these devices are reliable, they are also frail, making them prone to corruption and crashing of hard drives, among other perils. If such an unfortunate case happens, then the data reserved in that computer could be lost without trace. The process of data recovery service is often an expensive one that should be avoided if possible. It is, therefore, very important to ensure keeping a backup record for the data we keep on our computers, which can be reliable in case of anything unexpected.

Here are several products that can be used for computer backup.


  1. Nova BACKUP

There is a reason this is first on the best computer backup products list. The Nova BACKUP is easy to use and very fast for both back-ups as well as restore of stored data. What’s more, this product is also highly technical, making it ideal for both professional experts and novice computer users.


  1. CrashPlan

The name says it all; this backup product is perfect for the job. Its inclusive features and affordable pricing makes this the product of choice for many people seeking to backup their data. If you want to backup your files in a storage drive, another computer or online, then this backup product is for you. Additionally, it also comes with a free plan, which gives you free unlimited backup on these stores. It also features data encryption with 128-bit encryption and synchronized once every day to keep it up to date.


  1. EaseUSTodo Backup Home

This is an ideal product for novice users, thanks to its ease-of-use feature, which makes it great for everyone. It also comes with a high backup speed, which makes it reliable in timesaving backup creations, not to mention its low price, which does not compromise its quality.


  1. AOMEI Backupper

The AOMEI is software you cannot overlook. This software comes in free and purchases options alike, besides giving you absolute control in managing your backup plan. With AOMEI, you can backup folders, files, discs, almost anything you want to be secured, and either on an external device or your computer’s hard drive.


  1. Google Drive

The Google Drive comes with the user’s Google Account, commonly used by many people already. The best part about Google Drive is that you get up to as much as 15 GB cloud storage space, where you can upload your files and use them from whenever you can access your Google Account from any device, besides have them safe from any misfortune occurrence. If you want to get more space, you can get yourself 100 GB storage space for just $2 a month.


Keeping your data only stored on your computer’s hard drive is like sitting on a time bomb. You may never know when your PC breaks down, taking with it anything stored therein, which can be hectic sometimes. The best precaution you can take is seeking the backup means that suits you best and ensure the safety of your data in case anything happens without prior notice. The good news is that most of these best computer backup products are affordable, meaning you can make good use of them. If getting the buy products is expensive for you, you can look for the free ones and use them instead.




What is the best Laptop Computer in 2016?

What is the best Laptop Computer in 2016?


Choosing a laptop computer can be a challenging experience. There seem to be innumerable brands and a multitude of different features available. How to know which features are worth the extra money? How to know which brand is reliable? In order to simplify the purchasing decision, we’ve selected one laptop computer that truly stands out from the rest: The Dell XPS 13.


First and foremost, Dell is a reputable brand. They’ve been in the computer business since 1984 and they’ve been producing quality computers ever since. Dell has a wide range of computing products, from tablets to high-end gaming PC’s. While most of their products are known to be of good quality, the XPS 13 truly stands out.


The XPS 13 has a solid state drive, lightweight design, high resolution screen, and plenty of memory. The solid state drive (SSD) offers several advantages over the earlier model standard hard drive. First, the solid state drive provides faster access to data, which means your computer will perform better. We won’t get into the technical details of how all of this works, but we will say that the SSD is newer technology. Furthermore, most newer (and high-end) computers are being built with solid state drives instead of standard hard drives.


The lightweight design makes the XPS 13 great for students, business people on the go, and anyone who needs a lightweight computer. The outside of the computer is made out of aluminum, making the XPS 13 sturdy in addition to lightweight.


Then there is the high resolution screen. This is must-have for anyone who plays computer games, works with multimedia, or otherwise wants a high quality display. The actual screen covers the vast majority of the display, which is a welcome sight. As far as the specs of the screen itself, the resolution is 3200 x 1800 in the QHD+ pack. And, on the maximum brightness, you’ll be able to see your beautiful screen even in bright sunlight.


An important feature on any modern computer is memory, and the Dell XPS 13 has plenty of it. With 8 GB of RAM and a 256 GB SSD, users will have plenty of space to store pictures, videos, and games. Again, without getting too technical, a high amount of RAM (such as 8 GB) will ensure that the computer is able to surf the web quickly, handle multi-tasking, and handle other user demands. In sum, it is important to have a SSD with enough memory, but it’s equally important to have enough RAM. The XPS 13 has users covered in both areas.


It can be quite an undertaking to try to understand all of the system specs that modern computers have. We’ve tried to make the process of buying a new laptop easier by suggesting a good all-around computer. The Dell XPS 13 may not be perfect for every user, but according to user feedback, it has satisfied a great number of people already.